Twitter cold calling

Will Twitter Kill Cold Calls?

twitter cold calling

Remember cold calls? Of course you do, we’re all still getting them. We’re not really sure why, though, since most people’s response to a cold call is to say “No thank you” and hang up. Or just hang up, if the cold call comes at a particularly busy or inopportune time. No one likes cold calls – they’re just about the most intrusive form of advertising we can think of. On the other hand, you have all the marketing techniques that make people aware of your business AND make them want to seek you out when they need the services or products that you provide. One of these, of course, is Twitter, a mega player in the social media sphere, though social media in general is the real killer when it comes to the death of the cold call.

How Does Social Media Eliminate the Need for Cold Calling?

Once upon a time – i.e., before the Internet – reaching an audience that didn’t yet know that it needed what you’re selling meant doing things like calling everyone in your area or sending out mass mailings destined for the garbage can. Remember, we’re talking about the days before recycling became de rigueur. Consumers consequently had no choice as to whether they were receiving your advertising message, and it turns out a lot of consumers didn’t like the passive advertising model (radio, TV, direct mail, etc.). Once opt out options started appearing, tons of people took advantage. Think: Do no call lists, credit card opt out lists, and so on. What social media has done is create an active opt in system of advertising.

Opt In Advertising Creates Customer Loyalty

Unlike the old model which was entirely passive, social media marketing is active on both sides. Remember, it’s that conversational aspect. You’re putting your advertising message out there, in the gentlest non-spammy way possible, and consumers can choose to hear it, to comment on it, to ask for more information, and otherwise engage with you. Whereas cold calling alienated people who didn’t want to hear your message, advertising venues like Twitter make people feel included. Customers and potential customers WANT to hear your message – they’ve made the conscious choice to listen! How much more powerful is your message when it’s falling on the ears of people who are receptive to it?

The answer: Very. And that’s why cold calling is dying a slow death.

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