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The Lowdown On Video Blogs, a.k.a. Vlogging

Why should you be video blogging? How about because vlogging is the hot – and easy – way to get people talking about your brand!

User generated content is now a major factor in Internet marketing success, and blogs are a HUGE part of that. When you blog and people link to your blog content on their own blogs and tweet and retweet your links, your website is suddenly a lot more valuable in the eyes of Google. The search engines are always looking at how to best index the “real time” web as people are tweeting and blogging and commenting so results are more up to date and based on “social proof” and users votes of confidence. And the weight they are giving user generated content is as much or more than people’s own content.

That means your job is to get people talking about and commenting on your content! And in case you’ve been hiding under a rock these past ten years, nothing goes viral quite like a video. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of creating a video blog since it’s not actually that hard and vlogging pays off big time.

In this vlog, we’ll show you the basics of creating a video blog and how vlogging can be done on a budget. Remember, you only need a blog and one minute-long clip to get started. In fact, while you may be tempted to make a feature film when you realize how easy creating video blogs is, short vlogs usually do better on the web. In short, there is no excuse not to be video blogging, so get your camera, get a whiteboard, and start sharing your expertise!

Next step: Promoting YouTube Videos

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  1. Sulrini
    Sulrini says:

    Can’t say I agree that vlogging is the wave of the future when teeny blogs and mommy bloggers and pretty much everyone else has caught on to it and is at least supplementing their blogs with vlogs. I think it’ll be old hat soon enough!

  2. HusHeeskHulty
    HusHeeskHulty says:

    The name of your site is interesting! We could all use deeper clicks, I guess… but you need more categories and better navigation on your site. Get some of those deeper clicks yourself, heh.

  3. Tom Del
    Tom Del says:

    Okay, I get it, but here’s a question for you. How is the quality of my video blog going to affect its popularity? The best I can do camera-wise is use what I’ve got which is your basic point and shoot diogital. It’s not terrible, but it’s pretty grainy and the mic sucks. Should I start with what I have or wait until I can upgrade my gear?


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