Top 11 social media sites

Top 11 Social Media Sites

Top 11 social media sites

Top US usage – May 2009

  1. Facebook
  2. MySpace
  3. Twitter
  5. Sites
  6. Windows Live Profile
  7. Buzznet
  8. Bebo
  9. Digg
  10. Yahoo Buzz
  11. LinkedIn

Facebook has nearly the number of monthly unique visitors that Google has and simply cannot be ignored. While people don’t search Facebook like they do Google, they are poised to be larger than Google. Check out for a current comparison.  Bing provides web search results after the Facebook results are shown and if that ever took off it could be a threat to Google… Well, we’ll see… If you have to pick one site to network on, Facebook is a good choice (business or personal) with LinkedIn being very strong for business usage. Twitter is great if you have some short messages to share regularly like mortgage rates or coupon codes but it has nowhere near the traction of Facebook despite the hype. It is great to experiment but given all the options and limited time to work on new technologies, if you stick with top sites and get to truly know their ins and outs, it is better than experimenting with too many things at once.

Niche social media sites

If you want to branch out, find a social media site that is specific to your niche such as:

Keep it simple and master one site before moving on to the next. Protect your brand or username from Social Media Identity Theft and see if your name is still available at over 350 popular Social Networking websites with Photo credit: / / CC BY

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