14 Tried and True Internet Marketing Tactics

Before you can develop and implement a strategy, you need to have a birds-eye view of the many tactics that web marketers use. Below is a “short” list.

  1. SEO Essentials for Web Design: Consult an expert before designing or fail
  2. SEO Implementation: Adjusting your website to make it rank better
  3. Link Building: Without links from other websites and social engagement, your SEO will fail
  4. Public Relations: The Internet has revitalized and socialized public relations
  5. Social Media Marketing: Engaging and interacting with your customers
  6. Content Marketing: The backbone of your campaigns
  7. Blogging for Business: The heart of strong SEO and social campaigns
  8. Paid Search: Quick to set up, “expensive” but can be very profitable
  9. Actionable Analytics and Reporting: Examine visitor behavior, track ROI
  10. Conversion Rate Optimization: Increase leads through trust and calls to action
  11. Email Marketing/Lead Nurturing: Follow up and stay top of mind with your customers
  12. Local Search/Mobile: Local/Mobile is skyrocketing, so go for a ride
  13. Affiliate Marketing/Adsense Basics: Pay commissions only for sales, run ads
  14. Internet Marketing Tools: Tools are simply not optional; they’re essential

Traditional marketing agencies always develop a very detailed strategic plan based on market research before they begin writing copy or doing any creative work.

Online marketing companies, on the other hand, are typically not trained in strategic marketing and hence the web is full of sites that have weak “brochure-ware content” that does not position the company well or engage the user. The days of such pseudo-engagement are long gone and TV advertising is suffering because people want control of their experiences and to be able to comment on the products and services they use. With such radical paradigm shifts happening in the marketing word, you had better devise a solid strategic Internet marketing plan or you won’t be able to leverage the best practices of the many unique Internet-specific tactics available.

In order to make an impact long-term, you need to assess how much engaging content you have and how you will develop it, how many people currently link to you or “vote” for you online, and how you might use a number of social media sites. Only then can you chart a course of action for long-term success online.

What other tactics do you employ in your Internet marketing plan?

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