3 Things That Affect How Your Google+ Looks in Google Search

Optimizing your Google+ is important for a few reasons. One is online branding – having a Google+ profile that is ranking higher for your brand name will help push any negative or irrelevant results down. Another benefit of optimizing your Google+ is ranking for more keywords. Throwing in a keyword or a few easy to rank for keywords could bring a lot of extra traffic to your Google+ that will then be funneled to your homepage.

Are you ready to optimize your Google+ page? Awesome. Using these three tips will increase the optimization of your Google+ profile or page for Google search:

1.     Choose a Profile Picture that Works as a Thumbnail

Your profile picture on your Google+ profile is where Google gets the image for AuthorRank. It would be a good idea to get a photo of you that is clear from far away (AuthorRank images are small) and one that makes you look friendly and approachable.

2.     Choose a Fitting Title Tag

Title tags are important because that is the first thing people using Google will see when browsing through search results. Google lets you choose whether you want to use a nickname, your real full name, or a pen name.

3.    Make your Tagline & Introduction Great

The Tagline and Introduction in your Google+ profile or page are going to be the META description in the Google search results. Try to fit keywords in your tagline and at the beginning of your Introduction for your profile to be optimized for more keywords.

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