6 Reasons You Should Have Started a Business Blog Yesterday

Are you business blogging? If you’re shaking your head no, consider us stunned. These days, you can’t beat a business blog when you want to turbo charge not only your SEO efforts, but also your relationship building potential. A one way content stream is no longer good enough, particularly if the content delivered via that stream is stuffed with keywords, short, or duplicate. But, we hear you asking, isn’t a business blog just MOER W3RK? Sort of. It does take some effort. But a business blog is also the easy and – dare we say it? – fun way to add fresh content to your company website without having to expand your service menu. Need more reasons to business blog? Here are six:

The SEO Boost

You can’t go wrong when you’re adding new, original content complete with optimized urls on a regular basis. First, there is the obvious SEO boost – Google and other search engines see that you and your team are actively adding valuable content and ranks you better as a consequence. Then, there is the fact that you’re growing your site a little bit every week. It might take a while, but eventually you’ll have enough quality content to compete with the big guys.

The Human Touch

People are more likely to engage with and be loyal to businesses represented by a real human being. Why? Because customers want to know who they are dealing with – and if they have not just a name, but also a face and a voice to go with that name, they will feel comfortable trusting you and your team. It’s simple human nature. Even if you never see your customers in person, they need to feel like they know you and can rely on you to deliver. Business blogging – no matter who is actually doing the writing – gives customers that warm, fuzzy ‘I’m dealing with a human being’ feeling.

The Credibility Factor

The easiest way to demonstrate expertise is to position yourself as an expert from day one. A business blog gives you a platform from which to show the world that you know what you’re talking about and then some. Every time you post, you reinforce your standing as a leader in your field and as someone who cares enough about your customer base to give away free information. Eventually, you will become a go-to source for information about your industry, cementing your position as an expert and your business’ reputation as a dominant force in your industry.

The Customer Service Potential

Your website sans blog is a one way street. You put the information out there for customers and potential customers to read, and hope that you’re answering the right questions. A business blog, on the other hand, is like a two way street, where you again put the information out there, but readers have the opportunity to engage with you by commenting or emailing about a specific post. Suddenly, you’re accessible in a way that your competition may not be – and that accessibility can be pretty appealing to people.

The Link Appeal

Did you know that blog posts are linked to much more often than general website pages? It’s true – people love to share blog posts that resonate with them, and that means that a well-written business blog has not only social potential, but also SEO potential in the form of high quality back links. These high quality links pointing to your business blog content will do so much more for your search engine rank than the kind of low quality links you can still buy from shadier SEO companies.

The Fun of It

Sometimes in business you can get the stink-eye for tooting your own horn. Customers and potential customers can get sick of hearing about how great you are in the kind of pithy four-word headlines they see on your marketing copy. But on your blog? You can analyze your successes, share case studies, summarize media mentions, and brag without fear of criticism. Provided, that is, that you’re doing the kind of bragging that is either valuable to the reader (e.g., a case study) or entertaining (e.g., a picture of your team vogueing around your latest award).

Now you tell us: Are you using your business blog to its full potential?

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