Top 9 Ways to Track the Results of Social Media and Releases

Below are the top 9 methods of tracking the results of social media and press releases.

  1. Use Google Analytics to see which media and blog sites drove traffic and which converted to sales. Focus on media that converts!
  1. Track pickups via the wire service tracking tools (such as CustomScoop) and Google Alerts.
  1. Set up Google Alerts on your brand/product names and the same for your competitors.
  1. Use Facebook Insights to monitor the growth in number of fans and page views.
  1. Use Google Reader to set up RSS feeds of searches in social news sites like Reddit, etc.
  1. Track increases in the number of your Twitter followers.
  1. To show how your PR campaigns are impacting SEO, check the number of PR-related backlinks you have generated. Tools like Majestic SEO can show you the recent links you got. Scan through and see which media and bloggers link to you, to determine which of these links came as the result of your releases.
  1. Track metrics like social shares and comments.
  1. Use tools such as Topsy, Trackur, Sprout Social, or Radian6 to monitor and measure social media buzz.

Don’t think you are not worthy of press coverage—get out there and ask! As Wayne Gretzky said: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”

How do you track PR results?

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