What Are You Missing by Ignoring Online PR?

In the old days it was all about how many press clippings you could make into a large collage to show off that PR was working. In today’s world of highly trackable internet advertising your Online PR also needs to be more trackable than traditional PR. Make sure you have a way to determine what… Read more »

The Myth of the Webmaster and Search Engine Optimization

One of the biggest misconceptions about internet marketing and websites in general is that “geeks” can do it all. After running an internet marketing company for 15 years I have learned that the most successful web projects are done by teams of highly specialized people. As a business owner, when you are looking to get… Read more »

The Top 5 SEO Myths

Top 5 SEO myths

Think you know all there is to know about SEO? Think again! Here are the top 5 SEO myths that we see circulated around the net and in our clients’ business circles: Myth #1: Meta Tags are the key to high rankings Fact: Meta tags were once highly valued and now have limited importance. Write… Read more »

Local Search Engine Optimization Basics

Local search optimization

Are Optimizing for Local Search? Typical local search queries include such things as a street address, city name or postal code. Examples of local searches include “New Zealand hotels”, “Boston dentists”, and “Italy Car Rental”. Local search engine optimization advertising can be highly effective because it allows ads to be targeted very precisely by location…. Read more »

8 Twitter Tips for Businesses

Twitter tips for businesses

1) Your user image should be you, not your logo. The whole point of using Twitter (and reading Twitter tips for businesses) is to personalize your customers’ experiences with you. They want to know you’re real, not an invented advertising persona. 2) Don’t let your business Twitter account sit unused. it makes you look flaky… Read more »