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Ngage for Improving Website Conversions

Ngage live chatUsing the live chat and website monitoring 3rd party tool Ngage can help you increase your conversions for your business’s website. We actually find that over 30% of leads for our attorney clients are coming through the Ngage live chat program (which just goes to show you it pays for itself quickly). Even though Ngage has deep roots with generating leads for lawyers, there’s still a lot of businesses that can utilize it.

What is Ngage Live Chat

With Ngage when a viewer visits your website they will be offered to talk to a “representative” for extra help through a pop up window that ‘grays out‘ the rest of your screen. The Ngage person simply takes down the details of the situation and the persons contact information for you, 24/7. That way they are not at risk of saying anything that is inaccurate or misrepresenting your brand. The representatives at Ngagage do not answer any questions as though they now your business. If you want to answer questions in an authoritative way yourself, you can consider a program such as Live Person. The beauty of Ngage is all in the simplicity of you not having to do anything and yet customers having someone there 24/7/365. You would be amazed the things that customers will share even at 2:30 am…

After the Ngage representatives chat with your website’s visitors and answer their questions or collect their contact information, you will then be able to see all the conversations they’ve had with your viewers. You can read their reports through the websites tracking program, have it sent to your email, or even through your cell phone.

Ngage also in many cases will give you the source of the lead such as from PPC, social media or organic search and what keyword they used to get to the site! This is very valuable information that allows you to quickly see which keywords and mediums drive the most high quality chat leads.

How Ngage Live Chat Helps Your Business


Mcdougall Interactive Ngage Live Chat

I’m sure you have seen McDougall Interactive’s Ngage Live Chat on the static pages of our website.

These trained professionals from Ngage have a couple important ways to help your website get more conversions which are listed below:

  • It’s a trust seal to have people willing to answer questions around the clock on your website. This will help eliminate any buyer’s hesitation, which will help increase sales.
  • They will be able to answer your viewers ‘last minute questions’ that if they left unanswered – they might not convert.
  • By capturing people that would not have converted otherwise. Some people won’t be ready to call or fill out a form so you simply get more leads.
  • By getting an email with a person’s live chat transcript shortly after it happened you can get right back to people and start answering their actual questions. If you do this within an hour you will have the greatest success. Many studies have shown that the likelihood that lead will convert plummets if you delay by even more than an hour or so. It is all about the immediacy of the situation here. The user feels some instant relief through the live chat and then trusts you more if you call right away and provide in depth support.

It’s highly encouraged from the McDougall Interactive team to try using the Ngage Live Chat program on your business’s website. The chances are it will pay for itself and then some.

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