Setting up a Commission Junction account

Sell It, Baby: Setting Up a Commission Junction Account

setting up a commission junction account

Commission Junction has a number of great options for you if you wish to start working with online advertising and affiliate marketing. Here’s how to get started:

First, you need to register. Visit Commission Junction and sign up. Provide the basic personal and site information. You will also want to categorize your site as specifically as possible. This will help advertisers when they are trying to determine whether or not you should be an affiliate of theirs.

Once your account is set up, you can then go to the Account Manager and begin searching for advertisers. Viewing an advertiser is fairly straightforward: a window will pop up detailing commission levels, terms of the affiliate agreement, how well the program is performing overall, and the average earnings per click. Once you like an advertiser, you can apply to be their affiliate. Some will automatically be approved, while others will require manual approval from the advertiser.

You then can view the advertiser’s ads, starting with which ones are performing the best. When you find one you’d like to include on your site, click on it, and the ad, along with the HTML, will be shown for you to copy into your site.

Another feature of your Commission Junction account is SmartZones. SmartZones are advertisement blocks that you can include on your site that will rotate advertisements for you. This way, you can test to see what ads your viewers are responding to. Commission Junction also has several resources designed to help you put together the best strategy possible for your affiliate marketing efforts. There are tutorials on a wide variety of subjects, including testing your different offers to maximize your potential revenue.

Commission Junction includes a number of reporting features that can help you optimize your campaigns. With affiliate marketing, testing and experimenting is the key to success. You can access updated reports every hour with Commission Junction, and your statistics are broken down in several ways, including best performing links and sites, as well as best product performance. You can also track your earnings quickly and easily as well.

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