What You Need To Know About Article Writing and Submission

article writing and submissionDid you know that you can write articles and give them away in order to receive a link from the site that accepts that article?

While article marketing post-Penguin is all but dead in terms of the value of the links it generates for you, it can still bring some instant traffic if done right.

Article directories that are meant just for the search engines are where you run into the most trouble. It is much better to make a handful of profiles on niche sites in your vertical market that you keep updated with high-quality content than to spin a bunch of weak articles from hundreds of sites unrelated to your business.

By writing articles, you not only have the opportunity to look like an expert in the eyes of the people you want to attract to your business, but also in the eyes of the all-important search engines (because topically-related content is linking to your site).

Especially since the April 2012 update of Google’s Penguin search algorithm, we have seen Google become less trusting of article marketing sites that allow endless submissions. So if you do this at all, tread lightly. Article-based link building used to work as the base of your link building efforts. These days, it should only be a very small portion of your link profile.

Your articles should be informational so as to add value. A growing trend is that your article should be written both passionately and authoritatively.

The text of the article should be genuinely helpful and should not obviously promote your website.

Give great tips, information, and insights. Near the end of every article, most sites include an “about the author” section, where you can include a link back to your business website. These two or three sentences let you share a brief summary of your expertise. It is as important as the article itself in that it can include a call to action and contains a link to your website.

How do you generate quality content for articles?

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