Guest Blog Posting for Backlinks or as I call it – Blogger Blitz!

Okay, time to start thinking outside of that box. If you’re going to hit big (and you are) then you need to start leveraging off of the traffic that the heavy hitters are already getting. This is an awesome way to explode the growth of your site. You just need to know why and how much. Dig in, this is awesome.

One of the best ways to show off just how much you know about your niche is to get your content in front of tons of people who eat that niche up. And easily one of the best ways to do that is to become an expert on some of the biggest blogs in your niche and for you to dump everything you’ve got.

Write with old school passion and add real value


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(Trust me, it will come back to you 100 fold if you do it correctly!)

The biggest, most popular blogs have a lot of writers submitting guest posts so if you want to get noticed and I mean get noticed right away and for all the right reasons, you cannot be afraid to get in line.

Connecting with blogs by offering them amazing free content that only you could come up with enables  you to create some great,  consistent backlinks.

We had a small business client about 5 years ago who is a professional organizer. She paid us for on-page optimization only, for terms like ‘professional organizers Massachusetts’. We told her how important backlinks are and gave her some insight into the value of blogging. She became a columnist at an organizing blog that ranked well in Google. We were frankly amazed at how good her ranks got very quickly knowing that we did nothing but on-page optimization. While you might never have thought that just a single  post on one blog might not help that much,  Google apparently did and her site ended up being deeply regarded as an authority in her field. Not to mention all of the traffic she got from directly posting onto blogs that are already crushing it with traffic (view more of our case studies here). Because that is really what you are after with this strategy. You want to get people to fall in love with the way you think and then follow you to the ends of the earth.

Creating strategic partnerships with bloggers means you can produce content and get it in front of an audience of prospective clients while also driving traffic to your website and showing Google that your site is valuable. The key to success when it comes to guest  blogging is to write such great content that people are thirsting for more.  If you can write great content that gets people talking, high profile blogs are going to be more willing to accept your blog posts for publication.

Bloggers need your content as much as you need them. It’s symbiotic…


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But don’t just approach random blogs! It’s important to read a blog before asking to be listed on it. The blogs you approach should regularly feature content in line with what you’re offering and have an active readership. Your job is to make sure the content you’re offering bloggers is similar to what they usual publish, in terms of length, subject matter, and style. Make sure you look at the amount of comments happening on all of the posts on the blog to get a sense of the social interaction (read about our ‘social media sharing’ content) because you want tons.

The approach is fairly simple. Just send an email with a post that is right for their blog and ask them to publish it. That way, the bloggers you approach already have the content in hand when deciding to work with you. Keep your emails short as they already have to read the post – let them be wowed by your content, rather than your sales pitches. You can find related blogs by searching for your keywords and guest blog post or on blog directories like Technorati.

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