26 content development categories

26 Content Development Categories

26 content development categories

Here are 26 content development categories to help you think of ideas on what you could do next for your content marketing campaign.

1) Individual service pages

A page for each individual product and service.

2) Curated content

Curated blog posts—reviews and analysis of other people’s posts.

3) Detail orientated blog posts

Deep, original blog posts that showcase your expertise and thought leadership.

4) Video blog posts

Video blogs (expert interviews, “how to,” FAQ videos, etc.) with transcriptions.

5) Viral videos

Viral videos (videos that you create with the goal of getting them highly shared).

6) Podcasts

Podcasts with transcribed text.

7) Using lists

People love reading lists, you’re reading one right now!

8) Reviews

Get reviews of your products to increase the amount of content on the page for SEO reasons and to help increase sales.

9) White papers

Create white papers that your customers or clients can read.

10) “How to” blog posts

Produce “how to” articles that help your customers or clients out.

11) Create a FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are incredibly helpful to any readers and decrease buyer’s hesitation.

12) Case studies

Case studies are enjoyed by readers and often linked to by other websites.

13) Testimonials

Testimonials and video testimonials help increase sales by creating more trust with viewers.

14) Email newsletter

Have an email newsletters that readers can subscribe to.

15) Widgets

Create a widget such as an interactive vacation planner or mortgage calculator.

16) Ebooks

Create an ebook, and if possible fit into the buying process of your business.

17) Infographics

Infographics are frequently shared through social media websites and they can also be picked up by bloggers for backlinks as well.

18) SlideShare presentations

Slideshare along with many of slideshow sharing websites are a great idea for creating backlinks and recieving referral traffic.

19) Ebrochures

Ebrochures can be picked up socially to drive more business.

20) Business related statistics slideshow

Slideshows based on statistics in your industry.

21) Sharing business history

Historical information about your company or your industry.

22) Webinars

Host or be apart of a webinar.

23) Wikis

Do you have a business wiki or apart of a wiki related to your business?

24) Online training

Offer online training (either free or a small fee) to clients or potential clients.

25) Press releases

Press releases are a big trust signal to Google along with the idea that it can generate more backlinks to the press release and in return power up your website.

26) Local pages

Create local content such as city/town pages. A great tactic is to take one piece of content that you worked hard to create, such as a white paper, and repurpose it into video, infographics, and slideshow formats. That way you get a lot more mileage out of each chunk of original content.

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