Catching more longtail traffic

How to Add Keywords to Text the Right Way

Catching more longtail traffic

To get more organic search traffic you will need a bigger net (more keywords)!

Are you taking the time to add keywords to your website to increase the chance of someone landing on your business from a search engine?

Keyword Heavy Text Example

Here’s an example of keyword-heavy text:

Cheap Golf Clubs and Discount Golf Equipment from Golf Zone
Great buys on discount golf equipment with great service! Brand name, cheap golf clubs, golf bags, golf balls, golf gloves, golf shoes, golf accessories, and golf apparel. In addition to cheap golf clubs, you get our moneyback guarantee and free shipping on orders over $99!

This is a very busy chunk of text with a lot of keywords. Since this is text for the client’s home page, that is probably all right, as the goal is to express the variety of equipment and accessories for sale on the site. You may have noticed the focus on “cheap golf clubs” and “discount golf clubs,” and the fact that we mixed in conversion elements (like “money-back guarantee” and “free shipping”) with the more mundane SEO elements.

Keyword Heavy Category Example

Now let’s look at an example of a product category page for the same website:

Discount Golf Bags

Golf bags are an important accessory for golfers looking to enjoy their round of golf. Whether it is a stand bag, cart bag, or even a custom golf bag, the right bag can make all the difference in the world! Golf Zone is your window into top quality discount golf bags.

In this example, we are being much stricter about what we optimize for, because this page is really about one topic: discount golf bags. Stay focused and use both the exact phrases you are targeting and some variations on those phrases, so the search engines don’t see the page as overly optimized.

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