Creating a podcast

Wondering How to Create a Podcast?

Creating a podcast

When we finally convince our clients that content is king and get them adding pages and SEO blog posts to their sites at amazing rates, many of them come back to us to ask how to create a podcast. And why not? Like vlogging, creating a podcast can seem like work for experts, not novices. But here’s a secret for you: Creating a podcast is pretty easy once you’re set up, and gives a double whammy when it comes to website SEO because you have your keyword tagged video AND your keyword rich transcript.

What Do I Need to Create a Podcast?

You need a recorder, first, and you can get a quality one for $150 or even less. Then, of course, you need a topic. And you need a list of a dozen or so questions – something that you can whip up in 10 minutes using your industry expertise. Then, all that’s left is to decide whether you’ll use your questions as prompts for a talk you give or as interview questions for another expert in your field.

Can I Create a Podcast Without a Recorder?

There is also an easy option for conference call recording at, which is a service that allows multiple users to call in and for the conference to be recorded in MP3 format. The quality is reasonable, given that phone calls are low-quality, audio-wise, to start with. The service itself is free and the call-in number is a standard U.S. phone number, so no charges beyond the usual cost of a phone call apply.

(As a backup, many people use GoToMeeting for online demos and tech support, and that service has a recording feature as well. The resulting audio is slightly lower in quality than what you get with and may have some connectivity issues, but it’s something to fall back on in a pinch.)

Creating a Podcast Is Easy

Doesn’t that sound simple? Considering that Google checks for fresh content (updated pages, new pages, growing site size, and changes in text and images) and that people love getting something for free, you really have no excuse for not doing at least a monthly podcast and posting the transcription. It’s a lot easier than writing an in-depth article, but it could eventually give you plenty of ideas for articles if you do decide to sit down at the computer.

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