Six Ways to Create Great Linkable Content

1. The key: Try not to solely think of it as link bait. In other words, don’t create content solely as an attempt to attract eyeballs and links. Make sure your content helps people and is truly funny, educational, or useful to a large number of people. Provide value by answering questions or meeting needs that your customers lose sleep over. If you can make it have an emotional impact as well as a logical one, it has a better chance of truly resonating (and then being shared).

2. Provide social media widgets (i.e., “share” icons) on your content to make it easy for people to spread it around. Also add a comment feature (like Social by MailChimp) to encourage tweets and Facebook shares.

3. Create a title that really stands out, as it will be much more likely to get linked to that way.

4. Create a well-designed special area on your site (or even a second blog) just for cool or helpful content. People like to bookmark a chunk of funny or high-quality content more than just a one-off.

5. Add bulleted lists, images, video, and lots of variety. has an informative set of posts (some of my all-time favorites) on what makes a link-worthy blog post. The bottom line is that posts that are not just plain text do better and posts that have a wide variety of cool content and multimedia get more links.

6. Lastly, don’t try to hit a home run every time or you will get nothing done. Go hit a bunch of singles, do it regularly, and promote all of your great content, because you never know what will go viral. Share all your posts on platforms like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Tumblr so your posts have a better chance of going viral, or at least being widely shared.

What are other ways you know of to create great linkable content?

photo credit: Eva the Weaver via photopin cc

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