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5 Lessons from Hubspot’s Inbound 2015

MCDIA is a Hubspot Agency Partner and everyone at here was eager for a chance to stop in at Hubspot’s annual conference in Boston, #INBOUND2015.  I got my chance on Friday, September 11th (my birthday!) to visit for the day and check out a few talks. It was my first ever conference, and it was way… Read more »

Internet Explorer and Compatibility View

We’ve recently run in to some issues with clients’ new websites regarding how the site renders in IE with the Compatibility View feature enabled (by the user in their browser). In the latest case, our client was using Compatibility View internally to view third party sites (older sites) that they needed to access on a regular… Read more »

The HR Implications of Google+ Author Rank

In the business realm, Google+ is a powerful new tool in the hands of executives who want to position themselves as authorities in their fields. It’s early yet, but preliminary indications suggest that Google+ Author Rank search results will enhance conversion because of people’s inclination to trust an individual over a company. As such, Author… Read more »