WordPress Is Slowly but Surely Taking Over the World

Wordpress LogoIf you think that Google is the only powerhouse in the online world, think again — these days, it’s all about WordPress. And the numbers are stunning.

WordPress’s creator Matt Mullenweg, speaking at the annual San Francisco WordCamp, announced that almost one-fifth of the web is running WordPress, and monthly page views for all WordPress sites and blogs rose to a massive 4 billion in 2013.

The statistics are staggering, but hardly surprising, given the advantages WordPress has over other content management systems (CMSs). WordPress is easy to install and maintain, easily customizable, highly interactive, flexible, search-engine friendly, and secure. Not many CMS systems can boast that laundry list of features.

That’s why here at McDougall Interactive, we encourage all of our clients, if possible,  to embrace WordPress. It makes it easier on us to have one CMS across the board, and it makes it easier on our clients because WordPress is easy to teach and easy to learn.

As WordPress celebrates its 10th anniversary, one wonders what the next 10 years will hold for the company. With its popularity increasing exponentially, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see much more of the web running WordPress by 2023, if not sooner. And that can only be good for everyone.

To read the full article about the WordPress explosion, check out “19 Percent of the Web Runs on WordPress.”

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