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Setting Up a WordPress Blog

WordPress blogging and content management platform

WordPress is the most flexible and most-used blogging platform on the Internet today, and it’s great for SEO too. Check out our 7 tips to get started.

State of the Blogosphere

Blogging’s State of the Blogosphere claims that while blogging is always changing and adapting, there are 5 kinds of bloggers. Which kind are you?

Metrics and Tracking

Email Metrics

Connecting your email marketing with other channels is the ultimate way to track engagement and the assists that lead to the eventual conversion. Do you have a clear ROI metric?

Test with Visual Website Optimizer

testing for conversion optimization

Testing is the lifeblood of running a successful website. Without experimentation, there is no way to tell whether your online marketing efforts are paying off. Read on to learn the two types of testing you’ll see referenced most often.

Online Branding and Your UVP: Essential for Conversion Optimization

scraplines layout

Your brand is the soul of your company. When you can clearly state your company’s benefits and back up your brand’s key conversion points, you will close more deals. Online branding requires many headlines and scraplines (mini statements that summarize your UVP, unique value propositions) because users scan and skim a webpage very quickly and your key points need to stand out clearly. Keep a notebook of all your ideas, since you may find that each page could have its own mini scrapline defining not only a keyphrase, but also the page’s reason for being. The more concise your mini statements are, the more quickly customers will “get” what you do and your unique value proposition.

Persuasion Architecture

personality test

The Persuasion Architecture method of creating personas was developed by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg of Market Motive, and is based on the Myers/Briggs behavioral studies adapted by David Keirsey in the 1950s.

Have “Something for Everyone”

conversion optimization

There are many ways to break visitors into groups.It takes creativity and brainstorming to do it well, but in the end your customers will enjoy your site more if they feel like some of the content is specifically for them. Many studies have shown significantly increased conversion rates when personas are considered when writing content for a website.

Stages of the Buying Cycle


Be aware that there are various stages of the buying cycle. Map out marketing actions to make them more successful, then dive into making site adjustments. Ask yourself these questions to increase your conversion rate.