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McDougall Interactive’s Review of Google Webmaster Tools Essentials

Google webmaster tools essentialsIf you are running a website, Google Webmaster Tools Essentials is a very useful tool that you can use to analyze your website’s performance and optimize your actions to drive as much traffic as possible to the site. These tools, among others from this great offering from Google, can help you find and fix errors that you would not have known about otherwise.

Google Webcrawl

One of the best tools involved with this package from Google is Google Webcrawl, which lists pages of your site that could not be accessed by Google’s indexing services. Your search engine optimization efforts can be severely affected by these errors, so it is important that you resolve these issues as soon as possible. Webcrawl will help you identify them, which is the first step in fixing them.

Top Search Queries

The Top Search Queries section is another useful reporting feature that allows you to see both the top 20 search queries that your site has appeared in, as well as the top 20 keywords that are driving traffic to your website. You can improve your productivity by focusing on these keywords and optimizing your site for them. This type of information is one of the main aspects of proper SEO technique and research.

Overview of Pages that Link to Your Website

Another great way to rank highly on search engines is through inbound linking from external websites. Google Webmaster Tools provides an Overview of Pages that Link to Your Website, which shows you how your efforts in generating inbound links are working. You can analyze the number and quality of your inbound links, which have a large impact on your SEO efforts.

Meta Tag Optimization

Google Webmaster Tools reports information on your meta tags as well, which are very important in search engine ranking. First, you can identify duplicate meta tag descriptions, which can negatively impact the rank and relevance of those pages. Also, you can identify meta tag descriptions that are either too short or too long. Short descriptions do not give your reader enough details, and long ones are cut off.

Google Webmaster Tools identifies these errors and helps you resolve them, increasing your potential for higher rankings and more conversions into sales.

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