Viral video secrets

Viral Video Secrets #3: Your Titles Need to Grab Eyeballs

viral video secrets

If you’re just browsing through YouTube, titles give you an idea of what a video is about. That’s why it’s uber important to have a catchy title for the videos you post. Sometimes you may even want to opt for a misleading title that is designed to grab people’s attention in a big way. We’re not saying you should get bogged down in choosing your videos’ titles because you want to hit on just the right phrase that turns a plain old video into a viral video. You can change your videos’ titles as many times as you want so play around until you notice your views are jumping. But here’s the secret: Many people who want to turn their videos into viral videos use a shocking and ultimately false title in the beginning – think Lady Gaga Naked or Stolen Cop Car – to generate views and then switch it to something more relevant and honest later on. Will this work for your videos? We can’t guarantee it, but it’s one more way to get people talking about your content!

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