1st steps for Twitter marketing

Twitter: What to Do First

1st steps for Twitter marketing

After you sign up for a Twitter account, your first action is to do simple searches on Twitter for people in your niche who already have a healthy number of followers. The goal is for you to look at who is following those accounts, and to follow those people back.

Why You Should Follow Someone Else’s Twitter Followers

Because if those people are following “PingGolfClubs” and you manufacture a Ping-like set of clubs at deep discounts compared to what Ping charges, there is an excellent chance that followers of “PingGolfClubs” will be interested in following you as well.

That really is the key on Twitter…you want to have relevance to the people you start to follow, knowing that a large percentage of them will follow you back if they see great content in your tweets.

In our experience, we typically find that when you first start on Twitter, you need to first load your Twitter account up with some nice tweets, as no one wants to follow back a blank account. So throw in five or six rock-solid tweets before following anyone.

How to Start Following Targeted Twitter Users

Once that is in place, start to find those Twitter accounts in your niche that could be relevant to you. Then look at all of the people following those accounts. These are the followers you want to follow in the hopes they will turn around and follow you back.

Number of Users to Follow a Day

Follow a hundred people as you start out. Do not go overboard, or you will violate Twitter’s terms of service (Twitter guidelines and terms of service change often, so stay on top of them). Then three days later, go in and unfollow everyone who did not follow you back. That will enable you to go after more new followers.

On and on this will go, with you tweeting super content and eventually getting followers more naturally…and the account will grow.

Networking With Twitter

Twitter is a great way to network yourself and your business to those people who love your business niche. It is a great way to show consumers just how passionate you are about your business by steering them to amazing content every day. (It’s called the web for a reason!)

You need to not just have a “Follow Us on Twitter” button on your site…that’s soft. You need to work Twitter and be reaching out and contacting people based on hashtags and interests.

By growing a strong following on Twitter you prove you are an expert. This builds trust and credibility that can close deals and can convince journalists you are just the person they want to interview/link to in their next story. Twitter may not jump right out at you initially as a place you care to be, but it’s truly become a serious weapon being used by your competitors to take market share from you. Don’t fall too far behind or you may not have what you need to stay in the game.


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