Thinking too hard about social media marketing

The Top 13 Things to Keep in Mind about Social Media Marketing

Thinking too hard about social media marketing

Don’t think too hard about your social media marketing strategy, here are some things to keep in mind.

It’s easy to loose track on what’s really important in the web marketing world, but taking a look at the top 13 things to keep in mind about social media marketing will help regain your focus again.

  1. People do business with people they know, like, and trust.
  2. It is trackable all the way through purchases and leads.
  3. It requires personable, memorable, and useful content.
  4. Listening and sharing are key elements (not broadcasting).
  5. People love to be first finders and share, so take advantage of that.
  6. Stop worrying about social media hurting your brand through negative comments.
  7. Negative comments are an opportunity to share solutions and win over customers.
  8. Leverage user-generated content.
  9. There are well over a billion active users of social media, and that number is growing fast.
  10.  Social media is about creating trust and getting customers to believe in you. (Hint: Engage people who will engage others.)
  11. Don’t get so lost in calculating ROI that the Risk of Inaction makes you lose money and brand equity.
  12. Social media can help you grow a huge list of potential customers to email and nurture.
  13. Social media buttons on your site make it easier to spread and promote your content. 

Build Your List—It’s Everything

The DailyCandy site was basically a list and sold for $125 million. Groupon is just a list of people who want deals, and it is the fastest-growing company of all time! Not the fastest-growing in the web space, the fastest period. Even Google, one of the other fastest-growth companies, is envious of Facebook and its “list” of customers. The new Internet is not just search but share. Share with your lists and keep them engaged.

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