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How to Increase Your Authority on Facebook

Facebook MarketingUndoubtedly, Facebook remains the “king” of social media sites. With more subscribers and screen time than any other social media website, including established social media sites like Twitter and up-and-comers like Instagram, it makes sense that if you want to strengthen your presence online, you have to be on Facebook.

What Is Facebook Marketing?

When Facebook first started, it was mainly a P2P platform, where individuals could chat, message, and post pictures and thoughts. Today’s Facebook is vastly different and has become an extremely competitive platform for marketing products and services to a global audience. Facebook has a variety of ways you can increase your exposure to potential customers, but selecting what works best for your business model and gives the most result for the least amount of investment can sometimes be challenging.

Promoted Posts

Very little is free these days, and marketing on Facebook is no different. While building a business page and making organic posts regularly will eventually increase your following, there’s really no better way to get your business seen than through promoted posts. For a small fee, Facebook promotes your posts and it will show up in the news feeds of people who are in your target market. Users can click through the post to your website, and even if they don’t, you are still getting your ads in front of more people and increasing your brand awareness, which directly relates to your authority on the web. Naturally, the more you spend on this type of marketing, the more news feeds your posts will show up in.

Write and Promote Shareable Content

Content is king for a reason. People want to read well researched and well written content on the topics they’re interested in and they want to share that content with their friends. If you write great content aimed at your target audience and promote it on Facebook, you’ll begin to get some feedback. You’ll see your likes and shares start to go up, and people will begin commenting on your posts. You may not see a lot at first, so keep at it. Organic results take time. Make sure your content is easy to read, well formatted, and has a strong headline that grabs the interest of your readers. Eventually you’ll see your content becoming popular among your readers, which in turn, increases your overall authority on Facebook.

Engage Your Commenters

Don’t forget to engage with your commenters. If someone has taken the time to ask a question or comment on one of your posts, make a point to get back to them in a timely fashion. This is probably the single most effective way to build loyalty with your Facebook followers, and people will enjoy engaging with you as a real person. When you talk with your followers and have conversations with them, they begin to see you as more of an authority and will be more inclined to continue reading, liking, and sharing your content.

Get Involved in Groups and Comment on Other Facebook Posts

If there’s a good Facebook group in your niche, be sure to join it. If there’s not, you can certainly start one! Groups are another great way to get more exposure and to build rapport with potential customers in your industry. Comment on the posts of others and overall just become involved in the back and forth that social media was built on. Increasing your exposure and your authority by sharing other relevant posts, commenting on other pages, and having conversations in groups can be a very effective and affordable way to gain more followers and increase traffic to your website.

How Much Time and Commitment Can You Give?

When considering how to increase your authority with Facebook marketing, estimate how much time and effort you can put into the endeavor. If you have limited time and aren’t ready to make a commitment, Promoted Posts are an easy way to increase brand awareness without investing much more than money.

However, if you don’t have a big budget or have the ability to make a commitment to organically growing your Facebook following, getting involved in groups, writing and promoting great content, and having conversations with your commenters is an excellent way to grow your authority on Facebook.

Few marketing tools are as powerful as social media, and it’s clear that Facebook is one of the big players. Having a presence on Facebook is critical to your overall digital marketing plan and there are many ways to do so that fits with your unique brand and your overall business goals.

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