Branding on Twitter

Creating a Twitter Brand

Branding on Twitter

Follow relevant people on Twitter so they follow you back.

Twitter has over 200 million active users creating over 400 million Tweets each day, as you can imagine it’s easy for anyone to be phased out in all that noise. Businesses have to have strong branding on Twitter to stand out from all the competition.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself for Twitter Branding

  1. How do you want to brand yourself on Twitter?
  2. Are you the authority who knows everything?
  3. Are you more approachable?
  4. Who are you on Twitter, and is that compatible with and consistent across all of your social marketing communications?

With that in mind, decide who you want to follow, because on Twitter you follow to get followed back. That really is the plan of attack here. If you sell golf clubs, you want to follow avid golfers in the hope that they will see your “tweets” and then follow you back.

The amazing thing is that getting thousands of followers is not that hard, if you follow some simple steps, like sharing valuable information from your blog posts and links to industry information. A program like can be a great help in carefully automating some of the adding and un-following processes. Just be careful, as some people use this program too aggressively and it can get you into trouble.

You have a unique opportunity on Twitter, which is to show your chops for your business niche. Always remember that the more you give, the more you get. So, telling people how square grooves are etched into the golf club is great content. Telling people how graphite shafts reduce the tendency to hook or slice is great content.

3 Resources for Twitter Branding

Have facts and figures. Do not just “fluff” your content.

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