State of the Blogosphere

BloggingLet’s look at some observations from one of the largest blog catalogs, They say the blogosphere is constantly changing and evolving and note that there are five types of bloggers (broken down by percentage of the total).

1. Hobbyists

60%.  Hobbyists spend less than three hours a week blogging and do not generate income from their blogs.

2. & 3. Professional Part- and Full-Timers

18%  They supplement their income, or consider blogging their full-time job, focusing blogs primarily on personal musings and technology.

4. Corporate

8%   They blog full-time for a company or organization. They blog about technology and business, share expertise, gain recognition, and attract new clients. The number of unique visitors and subscribers to their blogs is a key metric of measuring success.

5. Entrepreneurs

13%   Blogging for a company or organization they own, writing primarily about the industry they work in, business, and technology.


Given the percentage of blogs offered by businesses, it may be easier to stand out than you think if you have strong content and take it seriously.

In 2011, bloggers updated their blogs more frequently and businesses got more serious about their blogs.

In 2012, blogging escalated in volume, especially in terms of high-quality content and guest blogging after the April Google Penguin algorithm update killed many other forms of link building.

In 2013 and 2014, there is no question that blogs are at the heart of most content marketing strategies.

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