Local search

How Mastering Local Search Could Wildly Increase Your Sales

Local search

Make your business a destination by boosting local listings.

When people want to buy products and services, they tend to search for answers locally first, and they want those answers to be supported by reviews from real people who have done business with you.

For these reasons, you need to have a presence on local search. It’s easier than you think, and doing so puts you at a competitive advantage, since surprisingly few companies have tackled even the basics in this area.

Typical local search queries include such things as a street address, city name, or postal code. Examples of local searches include “LA dentists,” “Auckland Hotels,” “Danvers MA SEO company,” and “Rome Car Rental.”

Local search advertising is amazingly effective and it is seriously bumping regular organic listings down in the search engine results. Sometimes that frustrates me because I want my SEO-driven pages to rank ahead of local listings, but I just can’t change Google’s decision to hyper-focus on mobile- and Google+ Local-optimized listings.

No matter what you sell, there is a great chance that local listings and/or mobile will affect your business.

This is precisely why Google Places opened up 49.5 million websites to allow us to claim our stake on the local landscape.

Google made it crystal-clear when they created Google Maps (which became Google Places and has now become Google+ Local) that they think the world of local search. That is where the marketing world is headed and lots of advertising dollars are being spent…and Google is all about advertising dollars.

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