Role of paid advertising

The Role of Paid Advertising

Role of paid advertising

If you’re doing business online, you should consider at least a minimal investment in paid search as an initial test. You just might find that no matter how high the cost per click for certain keywords, you consistently generate sales with a high ROI. The amount you spend, and for what purposes, must be aligned with your specific business objectives but if the ROI is good, you have the option to confidently scale up your budget.

Paid advertising has many ancillary benefits and can quickly identify key converting search terms to target in your SEO efforts, provide an ideal environment for your conversion optimization testing, and uncover insights about how people are using search to find your products or services.

The Google Keyword Planner is just giving you rough estimates of the traffic. To be sure it’s best to just increase your budget and bid on the keyword to see how much search volume and competitive it really is, not just what Keyword Planner says.

Don’t not just test this on Google Adwords either, it’s definitely worth testing other search engine marketing platforms such as Bing’s or Yahoo’s as well. Most people go to Google Adwords first because you will get the most impressions, but really it’s all about the ROI and Bing and Yahoo could be better suited for your audience.

Paid advertising is just one of the many powerful tactics in a balanced online strategy, and has the unique advantage of being something you can turn on or off when you need more sales or leads.


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