Spending your $100 Google AdWords Coupon Effectively

So. You’ve got this $100 coupon from Google that came in the mail, you’ve actually set it up in your ads account, and you’re ready to start advertising. You’re pretty excited about this. And who wouldn’t be? Of course, you may not have figured out how much AdWords is going to cost you on a daily basis. Get in there, into the Keyword tool, and do a little analysis. We can wait. You find out it’s going to cost you about 75 cents per click to get visitors to your site.

The next step is you have to do a little math. Don’t worry, it’s easy stuff. You say, “Okay, well, 75 cents per click… maybe I want to get myself 20 visitors or 30 visitors today.” A little more math and you have your spend. You are doing things right, unlike the many, many people who get that same $100 coupon and spend it all right on the first day. That’s uncool.

Now one of the things you don’t know when you’re an AdWords newb is what day of the week is actually going to be what they call a “better converting” day for you and your business.We recommend not overlooking that when you’re experimenting with your PPC. Understanding how to work through different days – or even different times of day – can help you determine when it’s best to advertise.

The thing about Google AdWords is that they give you all these tools that let you figure it all out. That $100 coupon gives you the freedom to play around a little bit without making a commitment. Will Google AdWords work for your business? Almost assuredly, but you have to use all of the resources Google gives you.

Consider your business. When do people buy? When do you get more questions? When does the phone ring a little bit more? Those are all great questions that you should have already asked and answered. That same conversation can be carried on in Google AdWords and be incredibly effective at helping you maximize your PPC dollars.

Because really, what you don’t want to do is spend your $100 from Google all in one shot. You really want to give it a chance so you see how it’s going to work over a couple days, or even, ideally, a couple weeks. Maybe you won’t be able to accomplish everything you want to with that free $100 – consider what you put into your PPC trials an investment, because that’s what it is.

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