Google Adwords for paid search

Paid Search Basics

Google Adwords for paid search

Pay Per Click Advertising

In addition to doing “optimization” to make a website more visible in the search engine’s “main” or “natural results,” you should also balance optimization with “Sponsored Ads” or “Keyword Buys” known as “Pay Per Click” or “Pay for Position” advertising. Statistics show that a blended strategy of PPC and SEO together works best. Pay Per Click Campaigns, if selected, are set up immediately to establish immediate paid ranks while the “natural” optimization is building.

If you are just getting started in this arena, initial campaigns can help you identify low-cost / high-ROI phrases that you should pay for year ‘round. For example, if a term such as Data Recovery is $20 per click, but Data Recovery New Hampshire and Data Recovery Services are only 10-to-30 cents per click, these cheaper terms at minimum should be set to bring you cheap traffic continually. The higher cost terms can be saved for ongoing pay per click management to help avoid overspending.

Abbreviated example of Pay Per Click — Cost Analysis:

(Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search are the most popular programs.)

Search Term

Search Volume



Monthly Clicks

Monthly Cost

computer service boston






computer repair boston






computer problem boston






pc repair boston






computer virus boston






Start with at least a Google Adwords account and add Yahoo! And others as your experience and budget grows.

Paid Search management essentials

  1. Keyword Research and Selection:
  2. Persuasive writing for the ads (Titles and Descriptions), Multiple versions using trigger worlds and A/B testing.
  3. Landing Page Selection: Identify the best pages to send visitors to or create new ones.
  4. Campaign Tracking Set Up: Implement tracking codes to aid in tracking conversions.
  5. Upload and submit the keywords and ads
  6. Adjust Account Settings (daily max spend, match type, countries, etc.)
  7. PPC Bid Management
  8. PPC Monthly Analysis: Month-end analysis of campaign performance
  9. Campaign Improvements: Ongoing testing and copy / bid adjustments

SEO Ranking Report to ensure SEO and PPC are aligned in a way that maximizes each campaigns strength.

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