Email newsletter tips for better internet marketing success.

Getting Started with Email Newsletters

Did you know that email newsletters have one of the highest ROI of all forms of interactive marketing? People really respond to outreach that’s opt-in, and a regular ping in the form of an email newsletter full of helpful or thought provoking information is sometimes just what a potential customer needs to morph into a loyal customer.

Email newsletter tips for better internet marketing success.

For those new to email marketing and email newsletters, signing up for a free trial with service like Constant Contact can be the perfect way to get your feet wet. Constant Contact, in particular, is an easy to use program with a lot of customization built right in, and you don’t have to be a web designer to make it look good.

Bonus email newsletter tip

Try adding fun images and content from “Creative Commons” sources (i.e., free content you can use with proper attribution) to spice things up.

Image: Cali4beach

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