Types of email marketing

Create Timely, Relevant Messages for Your Business’s Email Marketing

Types of email marketingCreating original content that is relevant to and timely for your readers is essential. There are two styles of emails that seem to work really well for different types of customers. One is the email newsletter based on the content of your blog, the second is one that features special deals available only through the newsletter.

Style 1: Blog to Newsletter

The first, the newsletter based on blog post content, is typically good for businesses with non-e-commerce sites.One of the easiest ways to create this type of newsletter is to send a monthly or bimonthly email that simply highlights your most relevant recent blog posts. As long as you are blogging consistently, this approach will save you time, since you won’t have to create anything new but an opening sentence or two. Your readers will see the intriguing headlines and blog post summaries in the email, and many will save it as a reminder or click on the links in the newsletter and start reading the content on your blog or website.

Style 2: The Exlcusive List

The second style of email newsletter, which features exclusive deals, works well for businesses with e-commerce sites. Almost all of our top ecommerce clients have the same thing in common when we study their website analytics and ROI:their email marketing is by far the most profitable channel and the one that drives the most website traffic. Many of our customers have email lists, built through over a decade of selling on their own and other websites, that run into the hundreds of thousands of names. These lists include customers but also people who signed up for the newsletter after visiting the website or seeing calls to action in social media.

The number one thing they do is offer deals that you simply cannot get anywhere except the email newsletter. These deals are not on the website, but are strictly deals that you will miss if you are not reading the email newsletter. This value proposition is enough to keep the subscriber retention rate high. In fact, the power of the “email list-only deal club” is so strong that we have seen our clients keep most of their list even when they switched from emailing twice a week to daily! This indicates it is more about the relevancy and uniqueness of the information or deals you are sending than the frequency.

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