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Lawyers Have Better Things to Do Than Write Website Content

Do you want to grow your legal practice but are bogged down by content marketing? If you want your firm to grow, you need a well-written website that shows prospects they should trust you with whatever legal challenges or opportunities they face. Instead of sharpening your copywriting skills, practicing law will give you a better return on your investment.

What’s More Important Than Writing Website Content and Content Marketing?

For us, nothing. For you, everything. If you want to grow your practice, you can spend your time:

  • Networking with other attorneys and professionals: Referrals are crucial to developing a practice. Practicing law is increasingly specialized. Everyone has a niche. You may find work through networking groups, bar associations, or chambers of commerce. This takes time and energy. Other attorneys could send you cases, or you may work together on specific matters
  • Giving presentations: You might give a continuing education course for attorneys or paralegals, which can also help with referrals. Presentations to the general public could lead to new matters, or someone in attendance might tell a friend about you. You could speak in person or do one remotely
  • Volunteering: This could be organizing a fundraiser, working on the board of directors of a local non-profit, or helping out your local legal aid organization. Being out in the community helps you meet more people, and you may get in the local press. Taking on pro bono work could add to your connections to other area attorneys, improve your skills, widen your experience, and do some good
  • Work on your caseload: Nothing helps grow your practice like success. Positive outcomes not only make excellent social media posts and website content, but a press release to local media may be a good idea

These are higher-value activities compared to writing content.

You May Become a Great Copywriter, But Investing Your Time in Becoming a Great Lawyer Makes More Sense

Writing copy for a law firm is all about generating a feeling of trust in potential clients. You may write about:

  • The areas of law you cover
  • Your biography
  • Case studies of what you do and how clients benefitted
  • How the law affects our lives
  • Explanations of legal issues
  • How you handle a case
  • Misconceptions the public might have
  • Use news stories to demonstrate legal issues
  • Recent developments due to court rulings or changes in statutes

People may only spend seconds on a webpage, so you must grab their attention and hold it. Material needs to be concise, compelling, and easy to read – or even better – scan. Lists and bullet points make it easier for the reader to digest what’s on the page. Content should have declarative sentences with active tense verbs.

Lawyers, generally, don’t write like that. You’re usually trying to argue a point and convince the reader of something:

  • The insurance company should see your $200,000 demand as reasonable
  • Your client’s neighbor should understand there’s an easement on their property that your client must be allowed to use

It’s not about inspiring trust but getting someone to agree to a position.

Some lawyers “strut in place,” as they write. They’re less concerned with conveying a message. They focus on impressing the reader with their vocabulary or how many legal terms they can fit into very long sentences. They’re trying to verbally intimidate the reader by appearing so sophisticated. That’s the opposite of good copywriting.

Time is Money. Your Time is Worth More Than Ours

Your time is valuable. Do the math. How long will it take to research, draft and edit website content? The number of website pages should constantly increase, and you should regularly add new blogs. This helps you exploit new legal areas that may attract clients, and your website should appear higher in search engine results.

  • How long will it take to write these pieces?
  • How regularly will you write them?
  • Multiply these numbers, then multiply the answer by what your time’s worth
  • What’s the result?
  • Now consider what we charge for the same service
  • What’s the difference?

You probably tell people they should hire an attorney to handle legal matters and find someone who specializes in that area of law. Why not take your own advice for website content? Don’t do it yourself. Find a specialist who can create effective website content that will make your phone ring.

Are You an Attorney Who Needs Help With Your Content Marketing, Blog, SEO or Website?

If so, you’re in luck. We help lawyers market their practices and grow their revenues. Want to learn more? Call us at 877-623-4291 or fill out our online contact form.

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