Top 4 Online Branding Mistakes to NEVER Make

Branding is simply a word that means creating an awareness of your business’s unique value and personality. Which of course means that online branding is something every business should be doing. Online branding is simple, it’s a lot less costly than shelling out big bucks for print ads or direct mail campaigns. If you have the resources, someone in house may even be able to handle your online branding. But be careful! Online branding means more than just creating a business blog or creating a Facebook page for your business!

Here are a few of the most common mistakes marketers make when handling online branding:

1) Not doing detailed research before creating an online branding strategy

A logo and tagline are only an extension of your brand. Before you develop any creative, make sure you have done your homework on what the current perception of your brand is, from the perspective of both customers and employees. Then determine what your target audience is and what types of things they react well to. You must also research where you fit into the overall landscape of competitors so that you fill a void and have a strong offering that sets you apart from others. Do you have the lowest or highest price or best customer service with awards to back it up? Having this information can help you determine what your real value is and positioning should be.

2) Lack of focus in online branding

Companies often change their identity when the wind blows and make haphazard logo, tagline and copy changes that don’t keep a consistent message. Especially online. The big brands tend to reinforce the same message for long periods of time and below are a few examples in the form of taglines. Famous taglines you may remember include: “Think different” and “The ultimate driving machine” and “Like a rock.” Can you identify the source? Probably! That’s good branding!

3) Trying to appeal to everyone when online branding never will

Focusing on a niche market for your product can often be more profitable than trying to please everyone. You are better off having a strong defining factor that resonates with a certain type of people. Then you can truly get to know that market segment, make a product that is really refined for their needs and create marketing campaigns that consistently work well for this particular group. The more you understand you audience the more you can do to connect deeply with them and create a lasting relationship built on truth rather than brief flings with the masses that eventually lose interest.
What are your favorite taglines and why?

4) Not having a deep enough presence

Online branding requires work in a variety of online mediums such as top SEO ranks, Paid Listings, Banner Ads, Social Connections and Press Releases, etc. The more your name comes up online in a positive way, the stronger your online branding will be. In other words, online branding isn’t a one time only step you take – it’s a continuous process involving multiple technique and venues.

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