Use podcasts for easy content creation

Podcasting on Your Blog

Use podcasts for easy content creationWhen I finally convince my clients that content is king and get them adding pages and SEO blog posts to their websites, many of them come back to me to ask how to create a podcast. And why not? Like vlogging, creating a podcast can seem like work for experts, not novices. But here’s a secret for you: creating a podcast is pretty easy once you’re set up, and gives a double whammy when it comes to website SEO because you have your keyword-tagged audio file and your keyword-rich transcript. If you had to take one thing from this post it just might be using podcasts to drive blog content. Podcasting is so easy (if you can talk and answer questions) that you have no excuse not to blog!

Of course, the right equipment is a must-have element of podcasting. You need a digital voice recorder. A quality one can be had for $150 or even less. Then, of course, you need a topic. And you need a list of a dozen or so questions—something that you can whip up in 10 minutes using your industry expertise. Then, all that’s left is to decide whether you’ll use your questions as prompts for a talk you give or as interview questions for another expert in your field.

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