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Online Banking Social Media and Blog Examples

Marketing for banks
It isn’t always easy to find good examples of online banking blogs and or social media in the financial industry that is done well. I have listed a few sites below that are examples of quality content in either the general finances or banking category and will update this list soon.

The web has grown to the point where video and deep content is the norm and sites that fail to provide it, don’t convert as well or do as well in either paid or organic search results. Blogs and content that lets users interact, are great ways to deepen the engagement on your site. Marketers are also starting to hear the buzz about how Facebook is starting to rival Google on some fronts, so being a social wallflower will get you in trouble sooner than we thought. Being a social butterfly will do only good things for your organic search ranks and traffic in general as Google tries to keep pace with new mediums taking away some of its following.

While you need an integrated internet Marketing Strategy, this article shares some insights on how fast social has taken hold.
Facebook directs more online users than Google

Online Banking Social Media and Blog Examples


See how Wachovia has a mini picture of each blogger and the various topics they discuss.

Finance, Lending, Investing – Quality Sites


Wells Fargo/Wachovia


Tinker Federal Credit Union

Tinker Federal Credit Union Business Problem

  • Low enrollment of Gen Y customers
  • Business Solution
  • Created a multi-channel campaign “Buck the Norm” as a rallying cry for young people to get over what everyone else was doing and to get smart with their money.

More to come and let us know any of your favorite links!

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  1. Lexie Baston McKeen
    Lexie Baston McKeen says:

    It’s pretty clear why there’s no better social media in the financial world… how many people know how to handle the topic and really make it engaging. I like some of your examples, but the key is always going to be visitor engagement to get repeat visitors!


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