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What to Set Up Before You Have Full Data

Website tracking analytics

1. Set Up Goals in Analytics

When visitors come to your website, you want them to do something. The activities you set for users to do are called “goals.” Make sure you understand how to set up goals in Analytics, because until you track form “thank you” pages, shopping cart “thank you” pages, and conversion rates for ads, you really won’t have enough information to determine ROI. Goals give real meaning to your analytics reporting.

Keep in mind that while these reports give you information about conversions from all traffic sources, you can also use “Goal Set” tabs in the other reports to view the goal completions broken down by visitor type or traffic source, and so on.

2. Filter Out Internal Traffic

Configure your analytics to exclude your company’s internal visits to your website, and also exclude the visits from your web development team. (They spend a lot of time navigating through your site, and you don’t want their “work visits” to distort the numbers you hope to track about visits from prospects and customers.)

3. Integrate AdWords

You can only monitor your AdWords revenue, conversions, and ROI after you link Analytics to AdWords. Use the instructions in to complete this task.

4. Integrate AdSense

If you have an AdSense account to monetize your site, you will want to link your AdSense and Google Analytics accounts to gain more insight into your AdSense performance. You will be able to see which pages and referrers generate the most revenue, and optimize your site’s performance using AdSense Reports. (See the instructions in

Ecommerce marketing cart5. Set Up E-commerce Tracking

Link e-commerce performance to keywords and marketing campaigns to show ROI, etc. Setting up e-commerce tracking is a two-step process that includes enabling e-commerce tracking in an account profile and adding e-commerce tracking code to your site. (See the instructions in


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