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Sharing Documents with Docstoc

DocStoc logoAs the name might suggest, Docstoc was created as a place to share documents through the business-minded community. That then evolved, naturally, into more of a pseudo-Kindle format where now people are publishing to Docstoc and people are following and downloading from those writers.

No matter what your niche, there are rabid fans waiting to absorb and devour your content.

Why not take your white papers (your descriptions of how you do things the way you do and why) and ebooks and load them up where the world can see them?

White Papers for Docstoc

White papers are authority reports or guides that help your readers understand a specific difficult issue, help them to make better decisions, or help them solve problems.

The idea here is that you have been willing to put down in writing how things really get done and you are more than happy to share that depth of what you know with people who will benefit from it.

Why would you give out so much free information in white papers? Because it builds your reputation as an authority and someone people can trust.

Ebooks for Docstoc

Ebooks can be a great lead generation tool that you can also upload to Docstoc.

Say you have ebooks where you outline the Top 15 Ways to Generate More Solar Power, or a document about the Top 6 Ways to Sell ATVs Every Day. Put these into a beautiful format and upload them to Docstoc.

Even better, why not Facebook the Docstoc links to your fans and tweet the new arrival to your followers? Why not socially integrate every single thing you do to become the force you know you need to be?

Docstoc is something that must be in your toolbox.

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