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How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Set up your FB fanpageBefore you decide to create a page for your business on Facebook, please understand the difference between “Pages” and “Groups”. Groups are used to let people congregate around a shared interest. A page lets a brand interact with fans and share pertinent information with them. A page is more about interactivity between the brand and the fans. That’s why you want a page.

First, select a name for your page. You may wish to consider adding a few relevant keywords to your page’s title. This way, your brand can appear on more search results and potentially gain more fans. Then, you must choose a category. You may select from any of the following:

  • Local
  • Brand, Product, or Organization
  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure

Each main category has many different subcategories, so search around until you find the subcategory that best describes what you offer. People will be able to see how you categorize your business, so this is important.

Your page is now created, but it needs to be fleshed out before you start telling the world about it. On the “Info” tab, list some details about your business that fans may consider helpful. This can include more about what you do, as well as where you are located (particularly helpful for local businesses). You may also wish to upload a logo or photo for your page’s picture. If you have a location, the “Photos” tab can be a great location to show off your property, or show you in action.

Finally, you will want to create some great content to fill the page so that, when you publicize this page, fans will see useful content and have a reason to stick around. You may want to post some little blurbs or tips related to your industry or your services. If you can, make some videos and screencasts with more valuable content that you can post right on your page. There are many plugins available to import your blog posts into your Facebook page, which is a great way to publicize both your page and your blog. Post information on a meetup that people can go to and see who you are and pick your brain, or even just to socialize with you and other fellow fans of your brand. You may want to set up a webinar or a free event for people to come to – use your Facebook page to invite them.

These are all great ways to fill out your Facebook page and begin getting your brand noticed on the Internet’s most popular social network. The most important thing to remember is to stay conversational and helpful. If your Facebook page is only going to be an advertisement for your brand, don’t bother spending your time setting one up. People will be going there for information, entertainment, or to engage with you. Take the time to give away lots of that type of content, and you can start gaining a dedicated following.

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