Ideas for Pinboards

23 Ideas for Creative Pinboards

Ideas for PinboardsPinterest’s pinboards are a great way to show off how cool or interesting your brand is, engage followers, and generate leads. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1) Testimonials

Create visually charged testimonials to inspire trust.

2) Previously Printed

Turn existing, printed collateral material into pinboards.

3) Case Studies

Create visual case studies.

4) Be Visual with Your Content

Share the latest news, information, and updates in visual format.

5) Share Your Team

Create boards that show your staff/team members.

6) Give a Virtual Tour

Make a virtual tour of your business.

7) Show Off Your Trophies

Feature your awards.

8) Help Others be Creative

Share inspiration.

9) Previous Ads

Archive your advertisements.

10) Videos

Video of John McDougallHighlight videos.

11) Products

Feature products/services.

12) Contests

Run contests.

13) Charities

Feature charities you work with.

14) Invite People to Your Pinboard

Inspire user-generated content.

15) Highlights From Blog-World

Add highlights from your blog.

16) Statistics

List data/statistics.

17) Infographics

Provide details via infographics/flowcharts.

18) Share Your Favorite Quotes

Add inspirational industry quotes.

19) Be Social

Make people aware of events/conferences.

20) Industry Tips

Share industry tips that your users would enjoy reading. Make sure it’s actionable!

21) Think About History

Archive historical information.

22) Cartoons

Feature cartoons. This used to be much more popular with websites and it has died down, but Pinterest revived it though.

23) News

Publish news, be the type of profile where if an event happens they want to see what you have to say about it.

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