PPC Disadvantage

PPC Disadvantages

PPC DisadvantagePaid ads will come and go in your marketing mix, based on your willingness and capacity to spend. For some visitors, paid ads lack authority compared to organic search results that have a more lasting presence. Many visitors are not aware of the difference between organic results and sponsored ads, so if you stop paying for PPC or exceed your daily budget, they may assume your business has disappeared if they don’t see your ad. By contrast, once you have earned a top ranking position from organic SEO, losing it is a much slower process and your organic ranking can even last for many years. In PPC advertising, your search engine presence will disappear as quickly as it appeared if you stop paying for ads. If you make this a regular action, prepare to deal with rising budgets as there are usually more clicks than you can afford and PPC prices are rising as it gets more competitive.


PPC advertising is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” type of campaign. Even Google discourages this practice. Optimizing PPC campaigns is a learning process that involves testing, analysis, and research. It takes time to uncover the best terms to target, find ad messages that resonate, develop landing pages that convert, and establish a budget that provides a positive ROI. Experience may be your best teacher for optimizing your PPC campaigns. The less time and knowledge you have about and for managing PPC, the lower your likely results. Here are some key tips and techniques that can help you optimize your PPC results.


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