Assembling Your Internet Marketing Team

One of the biggest misconceptions about Internet marketing (and business websites in general) is that “geeks” can do it all. Sorry, the so-called webmasters and IT department-driven websites are long gone.

Having run an Internet marketing company for almost 20 years, I have learned that the most successful web projects are done by teams of highly specialized people who have very different talents. As a business owner looking to get online, rebuild your website, drive more leads, or participate in social media, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of thinking that one person (who many used to call a “webmaster”) can handle every single aspect of the Internet marketing process. “Webmaster” is a term that needs to be retired. Period. In fact, one entire marketing agency may not have the highly specialized skills to be effective in each channel!


Today, it’s clear that print advertising is in trouble, TV ads can be skipped over, and the Yellow Pages are now used to hold swinging doors open. Internet marketing is no longer a sideline to traditional advertising and as such can’t always be done well on a shoestring by people who don’t focus on it full-time.

Right now, do a Google search on “mobile advertising” or pick up your smartphone and Google “Italian Restaurants” and look at the search results. This is the new world order. It is personalized, local, and social. This is where your business has to be.

In fact, every day, millions of savvy people are clamoring to secure market share in the ranks of the search engines by populating websites with massive volumes of engaging content, widgets, videos, and social interactivity. Drop the notion that you are simply going to create a better website and adopt the idea that you need to be constantly competing in the game online and on mobile in a way that will make you more money. And to be competitive, you need your team to be constantly devouring articles and blogs about where marketing is headed next. That’s what I hope this blog will get you to understand…that being ahead of the curve is everything.

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