John McDougall at Great New England Credit Union Show

John McDougall, Acknowledged Social Media Expert, Discusses “Refining Credit Union Marketing Strategies” at Great New England Credit Union Show

Boston, Massachusetts – April 19, 2010 – The Massachusetts Credit Union League and The Warren Group are hosting TheGreat New England Credit Union Conference April 21, 2011, at the Holiday Inn, Boxborough, MA

Credit Union  managers will hear featured speaker John McDougall, President of McDougall Interactive – – outline “Refining Credit Union Marketing Strategies.”

Mr. McDougall, a nationally recognized expert in social media and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) says, “Driving more traffic to a legal practice site through search engine optimization, paid search, social media and other Internet marketing tactics requires a real, measurable strategy.

“According to recent Forrester Research,” Mr. McDougall added, “’Interactive marketing will not be dominated by a single revolutionary channel. It will grow to $61 billion by 2012, driven by marketers who will leverage a distribution of channels rather than pour new spends into a single place. This perspective, coupled with technology advances, will lead to a customer-centric future in which interactive technologies actually infuse all marketing efforts,”  he said.

“Creating a strategy means much more than simply focusing on the hottest trend, such as Facebook,” he continued. “Using Google Analytics, we examine typical small business traffic and ROI resources, helping credit unions of all sizes learn how to judge what is necessary for a powerful – and successful – Internet marketing campaign, “ Mr. McDougall said.

Interactive Marketing Is the Most Powerful Tool Yet Created

“Getting ranked highly in Google can change your business radically and create an enhanced perception of your brand,” Mr. McDougall said. “Now that Internet marketing has surpassed the dollars spent on radio and yellow pages, it has increased pressure on print, and altered the way big ad agencies do business, it has become extremely competitive.

“Lately it seems all marketers want a piece of the ‘Get me on Google / Facebook’’ action. While most agencies and web shops say they do search engine and social media marketing, bankers need to be sure they’re with a company that focuses on it full time. True Internet marketing professionals go so far as to study the patents that Google secures to obtain insights into how to rank better in advance of their next updates,” he concluded.

About McDougall Interactive

After building over 200 websites in the last 14 years, McDougall Interactive now only offers SEO-web design / SEO-web development to clients who require search engine and or social media marketing. We have done this so that we are 100% focused on driving traffic to websites.

In conjunction with our search engine marketing strategies, we also look closely at a client’s website, leveraging our extensive web design and development knowledge for maximum conversions.

Design and usability always affect the amount of leads generated, and poor site architecture can radically diminish SEO success Therefore, it pays to find Internet marketing companies with complete web experience, that can help clients make smart and strategic long-term decisions. Visit for more information.

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Social media shines brightest from a marketing standpoint when it’s used in conjunction with other efforts like email marketing, paid search marketing (such as Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaigns), organic search marketing through content building, and value-adding extras like blogs, vlogs, and podcasts.