Finger on trigger for marketing

Trigger Words

Finger on trigger for marketingUse trigger words, action words, and/or inspiring words:the right emotional triggers take the same basic message to a new level. The best words to use are the ones that the searcher used to find you. If they searched using a keyword phrase like “buy Taylormade golf clubs,” then it should say “Buy Taylormade golf clubs” on your website. The more your headlines and website copy match what the user is looking for exactly, the more likely it is they will convert. That is called “matching scent” (keeping the trail of thought that the user was on already). Get into the mindset of looking for what are considered “buyer” keywords, as these are the golden nuggets.

Good choices when you’re considering trigger words are phrases that inspire action, like “buy now” and “register today for 50% off.” Action words get people thinking about doing something, and when phrased correctly, move them to do it in the short term, i.e., now. Inspiring words are the trigger words that give people confidence that your brand or product is trustworthy and going to deliver on its promises. Inspiring words to include in your web copy might be:

Acclaimed, Authentic, Award-Winning, Bargain, Bonuses, Boost, Certified, Completely Confidential, Convenience, Copyrighted, Custom, Cutting-Edge, Cut Costs, Desirable, Enticing, Essential, Exceptional, Foolproof, Free, Free Gift, Fully Automated, High Demand, High Quality, Highly Regarded, Hot Product, In Demand, Jam-Packed, Licensed, Lifetime, Limited Time, Luxurious, Most Advanced, Most Trusted, Necessity, New Release, One of a Kind, Only (#) Left, Only (#) Made, Priceless, Quality, Rare Opportunity, Secure Investment, Special Edition, Time-Saving, Top-Rated, Unique, Valuable, Wise Investment

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