Increasing your brands exposure

Promoting Your Blog

Increasing your brands exposureNow that you are blogging, get out there and promote it with the following techniques.

Link clearly from your website to your blog and from your blog posts back into relevant pages of your site, so it feels more integrated and to show you are proud of it.

The big 4 social media sites

Feed your blog into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ to take advantage of automatic sharing or make new summarized versions of posts in these channels.

Add posts to personal and business pages in Facebook and promote through ads.

Vary title text that sends a link to your Twitter following and post 2 to 3 times a day.

Share with Google+ Circles and on Google+.

Share posts on your LinkedIn profile, in groups you belong to, and promote through ads.

Share your posts on Pinterest

You don’t need to pin every single blog post on Pinterest. You’ll get the best results if you selectively pin your blog posts on subjects that already have a following on Pinterest.

Submitting your own content to places like Reddit or Digg

Sites like Reddit or Digg can get you 20,000 visitors in a day, but you have to be an active participant. The general rule is that you should take a real part in such communities, honestly sharing your own content along with content from others if you want to directly be involved. What those sites really want is for people to find your content because it stands out and then submit it for you. Ask a friend or colleague to submit your work to Digg first as Digg penalizes people who submit their own content too often.

Submit your posts to Delicious

Bookmark any article, video, or image that you like, and add tags to it if you want. Adding tags to your bookmarks in Delicious makes it easy to organize and explore.

Stumbleupon for marketing

Create an account at StumbleUpon and start sharing posts.


Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website that allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. It’s another great place to share your posts.


Technorati is a huge blog database. Improving your Technorati authority should result in increased visibility and traffic. Technorati calculates a blog’s authority/reputation based on how many people link to it, including blogroll links from the linking blog’s main pages as well as links within the content of their posts. Links older than six months after their very first discovery don’t count.

Technorati can’t always find all your inbound links, so your blog might be undervalued. Compile a list of blogs that link to you, and that aren’t indexed by Technorati. Then ping Technorati with all those pages and your links and authority should rise.

Blog directories

Submit to only the best relevant directories such as Bloglines,, Blogarama, Bloggernity, and

“Email this post”

Enable “Email This Post” on your blog, which makes it easy for people to share the post via email.

A monthly newsletter

Send a monthly email newsletter that aggregates your best blog posts of the month.

Allow people to sign up to get your posts via automatic RSS feeds. When people subscribe to your feed via newsreaders or email, they’re more likely to read and share your posts.

Blog URL in your email signature

Put your blog URL in your email signature. Check out WiseStamp.

Blog comments

Even Google says “Be an active commenter.” It is okay to leave comments on other blogs as long as you are not just spamming them with links to your own. People interested in your comments can click back to your profile and check out your blog. If you have something super-relevant to say and your post matches the topic, then share a link.

Blogging communities

Join a blogging community and share a relevant link with other bloggers.

Syndicate your blog

Syndicate your blog content to sites like:

Get seen by the likes of publishers like, CNN, Ehow, and Fast Company by feeding them your content. Pick just two or three to start so you don’t go overboard (which can actually hurt your ranks).

Link out to experts

Linking to other experts in your field from your posts can drive traffic to their sites. When they see you showing up as a top referrer in their own website analytics, the etiquette is that they will link back to you!

While it may seem daunting to have so many tasks when blogging, remember that it’s best to start by writing about what inspires you and the rest will eventually fall into place as you get more comfortable with each step. If all else fails, get some help from people who really know the ins and outs of the various pieces of the puzzle so you can focus on the elements of the content that matter most to you.

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