Uploading different media for linkbuilding

Media Most Useful in Creating Links

Uploading different media for linkbuildingIt’s one thing to write content for generating traffic search engines and or social media websites, but is your blog generating backlinks?

These are ranked from most useful to least useful.

  • All 3 media types—images, video, and lists
  • Only lists and videos
  • Only lists and images
  • Only images and videos
  • Only lists
  • Only videos
  • Only images
  • None

Adding images, videos, and lists makes it easy to get a quick understanding of what the post is about, enticing people to review it, share it, and link to it. When all three types of media are used in a blog post, results are the best. Moz found that posts with videos included will attract almost three times more links than a plain, text-only post, and posts with all three media types (videos, images, and lists) will attract almost six times more links than a plain text post. They also found that long posts seem to attract more links than shorter posts (with 900 words or less for their own site), and posts with between 1,800 and 3,000 words attracted 15 times more links than a post with less than 600 words.

The counterintuitive lesson?

Go long when you can, and add all kinds of fun, juicy images, video, and lists! Easy, huh? Well, it is harder to do this than a simple post, but no pain, no gain. Start writing blog posts that are truly engaging, have feeling, and are jazzed up with varied media, and you will get more visitors, links, shares, and sales.

Photo credit: the tartanpodcast / Foter / CC BY-NC

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