Website content made easy

Most websites don’t have enough content — perhaps yours? If you are one of those people who is willing to admit you don’t have the time to do it all yourself and to write content on a regular basis, then we are a match made in heaven. Get more sales through strategic web marketing and a powerful content creation program.

Included features:

  • Monthly strategy meetings
  • 4 podcasts a month for amazing content
  • 1 video a month/YouTube optimization
  • 1 e-book, including cover design
  • Competitive analysis
  • Social media setup and sharing
  • Strategy report and more!

Let us jumpstart your web marketing by making it really easy! We’ll do audio and video interviews with you and then turn that content into incredible blog posts and e-books that will be sales and Google magnets!

Listen to what our customers say about working with us in creating content using our exclusive system:

Since 1995, John McDougall and McDougall Interactive have helped more than 1,000 companies, from Fortune 500s to mom-and-pops, build high-ranking websites and become trusted authorities.

This program, over a decade in the making, is about strategic web marketing that helps you to work smarter and not harder. In it, you will learn how to leverage the symbiotic relationships of marketing tactics to kick-start your web presence into high gear. In addition, you will get all of these incredible tangible deliverables:

Web Marketing JumpStart Program details

  1. Search Engine Optimization: On-page optimization/Tech SEO
  2. Four blogcasts a month made into blog posts via podcast transcription (done in one session per month)
  3. Six videos (1 minute each, shot in one session, made into one video blog post per month)
  4. One e-book (cover design, content based on blogcasts, layout, call to action)
  5. Link Building and Basic Social Media Sharing: mix of competitor links, content bait, online PR, etc.
  6. Analytics / ROI Tracking
  7. Conversion rate optimization using one e-book that we create from the blogcasts

Give Google exactly what they want or be left in the dust of your competitors

Did you know that Google recently changed its algorithm to require original content, high-quality website links to your site, and for you to have a wealth of information that answers customers’ questions when they search via voice recognition on their mobile phones?

A quick overview of what Google focuses on lately in its algorithms:

Panda: Requires original content and a great user experience

Penguin: Requires high-quality links to content such as interviews

Hummingbird: Requires FAQ-style helpful content

Our programs address each of these algorithm updates and leverage your passion for talking in-depth about what you do.

Other benefits and things you don’t have to worry about

Keeping yourself on track with an editorial calendar is part of our process. You’ll be given a document that outlines the content we intend to create and when it will get published. This is one of the secrets larger companies and magazines use to be truly successful.

Transcription costs

We cover the cost of transcribing the text of all your podcasts and videos.

Google+ Authorship

We will set up the Authorship code on your Google+ personal profile that enables your face to show up in search results with your content. This has been shown to increase click through rates by as much as 43% and means that you no longer absolutely have to be #1 in Google to get more clicks.

Here is how Google+ Authorship looks when it drives your face to show up in search results:

Google Plus Authorship

We will also upload each video to YouTube, tag them with the right keywords and descriptions, and embed them into the blog posts when we create them. Considering YouTube gets 1 billion visitors a month, it will feel great to build your authentic presence here, which can turn into real customers that we can track via analytics.

Here’s how video looks in a blog post:

YouTube blog post


When we create podcasts, we’ll create a SoundCloud account for you, which allows you to have a nice visual player to let people fast forward and rewind your streaming audio file. We’ll also insert the player into the blog posts we create each week and insert the transcribed text for search engines and customers to enjoy.

Here is how podcasts look in a blog post:

Podcast in blog post


Also included is one e-book for each 6-month campaign that enables you to have a “top of the funnel” call to action on your site that generates leads from the 85% to 95% of the web that’s not ready to become an instant sale. Here is just one example of an e-book we have produced for our clients.

Below is an example of a call to action you can add to your site:

Some samples of our podcasts are below, where the text has been transcribed for blogs as well as some video samples.

Podcasts inserted into blog posts with transcriptions for SEO and social sharing:

Video samples with a testimonial directly from Google on our own video blogs and live chat:

“By the way, love mix here on your online presence- transcript and video plus click-to-chat. I think it’s really neat that you’ve chosen such a customer-empowering approach to your model; it really seems to start with education.”

Lauren Delgado (Google Inc.), (get approval) referring to the videos I sent her below after meeting her at Google headquarters. (Our paid search director Bob won an Adwords PPC contest two years in a row that got us flown out to Google with all expenses paid.)


YouTube FAQ videos inserted into blog posts with transcriptions for SEO and social sharing:

We look forward to helping you go from worrying about content to feeling great about it!

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Still wondering if we are a good fit and the right company to take your marketing to the next level?

Why buy services and products from John McDougall and McDougall Interactive?

  • 19 years of proven high ROI website marketing campaigns
  • Featured in the New York Times, Internet Retailer, and numerous publications
  • Highly popular live event (seminar series)
  • More than 1,000 clients helped, ranging from international businesses to mom-and-pops
  • Elite Google partner
  • HubSpot partner
  • Conversion optimization certified experts by Market Motive
  • Diverse team of Internet marketing experts
  • Constantly up-to-date on information from trusted sources, so you can avoid marketing tactics that can actually hurt you

Hear what people are saying about John’s books, seminars, and concepts like our unique content marketing programs, including some of the top Internet marketing experts in the world:


2014 IPPY National Gold Winner: How-To Category

“Your book is incredibly comprehensive, informative and well written … and should be used as a model for others to emulate. Seriously.”
Alex Carroll, radio publicity expert,

“Want to get an idea on how to get started with online marketing? That is an incredibly complex question. But help is here – this book will help you get oriented and get moving in the right direction.”
Eric Enge, author of The Art of SEO with Rand Fishkin

“A thoughtful and practical guide to important online marketing strategies. What you don’t know will hurt you – unless you read this book!”
Tim Ash, author of Landing Page Optimization, CEO of SiteTuners, chair of Conversion Conference

“John McDougall brings clarity to the black art of search engine optimization and embellishes it with a ton of practical social media marketing tips. Every minute you spend reading this book will pay off 50 times over.”
Paul Gillin, author of four books about online communities, including The New Influencers (2007), Secrets of Social Media Marketing (2008), Social Marketing to the Business Customer (2011) and Attack of the Customers (2012)

“As a best-selling author, I am pretty picky with what I will read, so I have to hand it to John for taking a fairly techie subject and making it digestible for people at all skill levels and jam packed with advice.”
Dr. Joe Rubino, best-selling author of many books, including The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing, which are available in 19 languages and in 48 countries

“John’s depth of knowledge comes across clearly. He explains the tactical nitty-gritty like the leading-edge practitioner he is, and also provides a superb big-picture view of how the pieces fit together. This kind of strategic thinking is rare in a world of tactically oriented marketers.”
Christopher Hart, PhD, McKinsey Award-winning author in Harvard Business Review and former Harvard Business School professor, author of Service Breakthroughs and Extraordinary Guarantees

“I found your book fascinating and I know nothing about web marketing. You explain it brilliantly!”
Maggie Linton, Host, The Maggie Linton Show, Sirius XM Radio