Backlink Analysis

Our Comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy Includes In-Depth Backlink Analysis

Google’s fame and widespread appeal are due in large part to how good it is at judging a website’s relevance and authority by the quality of its backlinks. That’s why McDougall Interactive includes backlink analysis in its menu of services – a well-rounded search marketing strategy must include a thorough examination of a site’s backlinks, as well as an understanding of what it takes to build solid incoming links from topically-related, respected websites. Building backlinks is a complex task that is no longer as simple as asking for a reciprocal link.

Our in house writers and link builders have experience determining what incoming links will generate the best ranks and are consequently able to develop engaging content that generates an authentic interest in your website and your services.

A typical backlink analysis report will include:

  • A list of sites Google considers similar to yours, plus analysis
  • A list of sites Alexa considers similar to yours, plus analysis
  • A list of backlinks with the accompanying anchor text, plus analysis
  • A summary of the anchor text, plus analysis
  • Yahoo’s top 1000 backlinks to your site and the title tags of those pages, plus analysis

After compiling all of the data gathered during backlink analysis, we review it within the context of our key phrases analysis, our clients’ business goals, our knowledge of our clients’ competitors, and initial content development plans.

If it sounds like a lot of work, that’s because today’s Internet marketing strategies are holistic, and based on deep research of search engines and consumers, A/B testing systems, and a team effort that includes specialists with expert backgrounds in a wide variety of disciplines. Our goal is to be absolutely certain that the strategies we propose to our clients are going to work from the get go.