Analytics and Reporting

Our Analytics and Reporting Services

If you’re just driving more traffic to your website, you’re essentially adding water to a leaky bucket. Getting more leads, more conversions, and more profits requires strategic, methodical user activity analysis – which is one of our specialties. When your website visitors aren’t doing what you want them to do, knowing why can make all the difference.

Actions (e.g., special offers, forms, and other calls to action and incentives) need to be defined and measured. Changes to increase actions need to be made and tested. And if users don’t stay on your site, your ranks will go down. Google tracks user behaviors like how long visitors stay on your site after a search, whether they bookmark your page, etc. Your website needs to give visitors a reason to stick around and, furthermore, to take action. That means you need great writing, free information, exciting offers, and other content that gets visitors excited.

But not every campaign is right for every business, so how do you know when those special offers are doing what they’re supposed to do? That’s where the certified executive team at McDougall Interactive comes in! We work one-on-one with you to create a comprehensive analytics program, along with defined on-page calls to action, so everything else you do – from building a resource section on your website to running contests – will enhance your efforts to drive traffic and get those conversions.

Why Do You Need Website Analytics and Reporting?

Analytics is at the heart of increasing conversions, but why? Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of website data for the purpose of understanding visitor behavior and for making actionable adjustments. Google Analytics ( is free and powerful, but not always easy to use or understand for those not certified in its use. McDougall Interactive makes tracking analytics information easy with expert account monitoring and monthly reporting for websites of all sizes.

Our Analytics and Reporting services include:

  • Google Analytics Set Up and integration into important pages or all pages
  • Monthly Ranking Reports (to see how your ranks are improving)
  • Monthly Web Statistical Analysis/Traffic Reports (informs conversion enhancement decisions)
  • Set Up of Website Submission Form with Google Analytics Conversion Tracking (documents incoming leads, with average cost per lead when appropriate)

Additionally, Analytics and Reporting services track:

  • Keywords and keyword phrases (search terms) people use to find your site
  • Top entry and exit pages
  • Top sites that send you traffic
  • How long visitors stay
  • Your unique goals