Internet Marketing

Let Us Into Your Internet Marketing Strategy Mix

Traditional marketing agencies always develop a very detailed and deliberate plan based on market research, and superior, senior-level Internet marketing follows a similar model… but with a twist! A tactical Internet marketing strategy is multifaceted to the extreme. Keywords are only one part of the equation, and they’re becoming an increasingly small part as optimization grows increasingly complex. Today’s Internet marketing is about visitor engagement, behavioral tracking, social media interaction, and conversion tracking. You need to leverage the best practices of the many unique internet-specific tactics available.

That’s where McDougall Interactive’s decades of SEO and design/development experience come in.

When you partner with our team of high-level specialists, we custom build your Internet marketing strategy. We can assess your content and your content development needs, evaluate your incoming link situations, examine how you might best fit into the social media sphere, determine how you can best utilize search engines as a vehicle for connecting with potential customers, and more. Some so-called Internet marketing companies can bump your ranks in the short term – we’re here to help you make an impact in the long term.

What’s In Your Marketing Mix?

We look at hundreds of variables to make sure that your web activities are part of your overall Internet marketing strategy – that’s the marketing mix. Your website should be the center of all marketing activities, but that means if it’s weak, you will lose conversions from offline media. McDougall Interactive brings integrative planning to the table so that your strong web presence is enhanced by your public relations, direct mail, print ads, radio and TV spots, and other offline activities. With our expert team, it’s never one or the other, because the strategies we develop for our clients recognize that their online activities are just one part of the mix.

An Engaging Website Should Be At the Core of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Google tracks more than just how many people click your links and the keywords on your pages. Now, the search engines are concerned with how long people stay at your website, and even how many people are bookmarking and talking about you on sites like StumbleUpon and Facebook. If people bail quickly once when they get to your site, it’s going to negatively affect your organic ranks. In the long term, you need an Internet marketing strategy that includes a website that looks awesome, engages visitors, and has valuable content that people will actually want to share. Whether you get more traffic from pay-per-click or search and social, repeat visitors who dig your value adds make a big difference. The best way to build a bigger and better business website is to start by knowing your current situation and developing an integrated strategy like the one we offer.

We do it all in a way that huge, impersonal SEO companies can’t because we’re working with you directly every step of the way.